Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tinder Trolling...

My new favourite thing on the internet.

I started following this Instagram account, @tindernightmares. They post some horrifyingly hilarious pics of the responses/greetings people get on Tinder. And I like it. I like it a lot (please tell me you read that in Lloyd's voice from Dumb and Dumber...if not, we can no longer be friends). It's fueled my newest way to waste/kill time, also known as procrastinate.

Tinder trolling. I can't get enough of the ridiculous things people post on Tinder to see what people respond with. In fact, once upon a time (when I was still a young girl on Tinder...ok a couple of months ago) I let a visiting British friend and his Aussie mate take control of my Tinder account for the night. It was magical - though apparently the screenshots I took that night were not deemed to be save-worthy because I can't find them anywhere in my iCloud (I'm a skeptical iCloud user...it makes me nervous for things to just be floating in the interweb). Suffice it to say, after a few bottles of wine and far too many pints of beer, Tinder trolling became downright hilarious.

So I challenge you not to check out the following Buzzfeed post (which, so far, is one of my favourite Tinder trolls...aside from the one where someone starts posting the lyrics to Journey's "Don't Stop" and the guy just does not catch on) and not find it hilarious.


You will waste time, and it will be hilariously awesome. You're welcome.


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