Friday, 10 June 2016

Fan Girl

I'm going to nerd out here for a second. Well really for a few minutes. Don't judge. If you are going to judge, well fuck you. But keep reading the blog please. That was a friendly fuck you, not a fuck off. Anyway.

I have been waiting for tonight since, well, almost as long as I can remember. Since I first heard The Dance. Since that song ushered my grandma and grandpa's caskets out of a funeral home and gently into a hearse. Since my cousin and I belted out Friends in Low Places for the first time, somehow sealing our friendship in a single song. Since I met one my closest friends, spending a summer working with her and unabashedly pelting the Saskatchewan landscape with many renditions of Shameless. Since I heard Unanswered Prayers and realized when I send tiny hopes out into the universe, there is something so much bigger at work than all of those lost wishes. Since I had my first road trip with the roomie, barreling out to Table Mountain for some snowboarding, nearly screaming out Ain't Goin' Down. Ever since To Make You Feel My Love drifted through my stereo, helping me realize someone in my life was just not the right person - because I didn't feel even a fraction of love the way that song describes. Since The Change became my mantra for hard, emotional, scary days at work. Since that same best friend sat across the table from me, hazily drunk on wine and scotch, singing Shameless once more and vowing we would find Garth, and we would see him.

This weekend, it's finally happening. Twice. (I'm grinning from ear to ear right now, and if it was acceptable to inundate this post with sentences in all capitals and so many emojis, I would. But I'm trying to be a grown up here.)

I've heard some comments of ridicule about the nearly 90 000 people who are flocking to see Garth Brooks this weekend. You may choose to make fun of me for my unabashed love of country music and you may even think it's ridiculous of me to write a blog post dedicated to this one night - to one country music artist. Before you get your judgey pants on, let me just say something.

I am a huge fan of music, when I say there's a song on repeat while I'm writing it's the absolute truth. There is always music on in my home, and absolutely in my car. Road trips are not complete without the proper soundtrack - and that ALWAYS includes Garth Brooks for me. I would hazard a guess that nearly all of us have a song (or ten) that have touched our lives in some way. Moments of the past inextricably linked to a song or an artist. Memories become nearly tangible when the chords of that one song float through the speakers. For you, that song might be by Metallica, The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Waylon Jennings, or Nickelback (let's all fucking hope that last one isn't actually true...I'm such a hypocrite). For me, there are so many moments tied to a Garth Brooks song. Break-ups, heartaches, good times, beers, dancing, loss, love and every possible situation in-between.

So tonight, I will lose my shit when he steps on stage and morph into a Bieber-esque crazy fan girl. Garth promised to kick my ass, and I certainly hope he does. This one is at the top of my bucket list so for me, it deserved a few words (I've already bungeed, sky-dived, and gone cage diving with Great Whites, just so you know).


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