Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Untitled (I'm Too Tired to be Clever)

Here we are. Day seven. One week of (trying to) write every day. And I’m caught up (in manner of speaking). This will be short. Mostly because I’m exhausted and I’ve done a stellar job of procrastinating. Today, writing seems like a chore (yet I’ve done every other chore in my apartment; cleaning, dishes, meal prep, laundry…) and I don’t want to do it. I want to drink my tea and go to bed. But here I sit in front of my laptop, because I told myself to sit down and write. Ugh.

I’ve spent all day thinking about today’s prompt…If you could redo one moment in your life, what would it be and why? How would it change who you are now?

The idea of the past, regrets, and sorely wishing you could do something differently is one I’ve already spent a fair amount of time on. I’m trying to spend as little time on the past as possible moving forward. I could come up with a million tiny moments to change. There’s a few big ones back there I certainly could have handled differently. Maybe delving into them would lead to a good story or two and some salacious reading for you. But here’s the deal.

I’m pretty talented at gripping tightly to the past, and I drag it kicking and screaming into my present, forgetting to relax and enjoy what is happening around me; in whatever moment I find myself. Thing is, I’m not sure I would change a damn thing, and I don’t want to dwell on the past anymore. Every time I let it steep in my thoughts for too long, it limits me. Past hurts cut down my self confidence. Mistakes make me cower from pushing forward with something new. Lost loves bring a debilitating ache to the surface.

So I would not change a thing. Every last shitty experience or terrible choice has landed me right where I am, and I kinda like where I am. Maybe I still have a few things to learn from, and a little bit of work to do (ok, a huge heaping shit-ton of work), but I’m through with letting my past hang over me. I’ve said it before (not so long ago, here) and I’ll say it again. Fuck the past.
I’m standing with my two feet firmly planted in the present; looking forward and embracing the unknown as best I can.

Maybe this quote doesn't fit, or perhaps it doesn't speak to you as it does me. But read it anyway - come back to it one day. It has all kinds of wisdom.

“…be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now.” - Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet


Day Four/Six/Five?

You might have noticed me lagging behind (already) on this daily blogging challenge. I got lazy this past weekend working night shifts and opted to spend more time taking in old episodes of The Office on Netflix than writing. Coupled with my utter lack of motivation to write was the realization that I had the choice of whether or not I write a post on Saturdays and/or Sundays. A divine recipe of procrastination for April.

Technically I owe you three posts. One for Friday, yesterday, and one for today. I suspect if I was truly dedicated to daily blogging, I would also be lacking in providing reading material for Saturday and Sunday. This would mean I should have battled through the post-night shift tired drunk feeling I get to offer up such literary delights as “Celelry is a Useless Vegetable” and “How to Avoid Inciting Road Rage in Night Shift Workers” (mostly, get the fuck out of my way if I’m driving home after a night shift). You can see why I’ve shied away from posting the past few days.

I do not have time for even three posts today, with a multitude of reasons/excuses as to why. At the moment, my mind is racing to combine the prompts for these three days into one concise post that will wow you with my wordsmithing capabilities. How does one roll fall television programming, Thanksgiving food fails, and revamping one moment in my life to ensure a better outcome in the future into one fabulous post?

One does not. One cheats a little, and says fuck it to the Thanksgiving food fail - because I have never made Thanksgiving dinner and thus far my culinary luck has been strong when it’s come to cooking dinner for my family for the past couple of years - I’ve hit it out of the park. I’m skipping that one, delaying the post about what moment in my life I wish I could go back and change (until tomorrow), and bundling up Friday and tomorrow’s prompts in one neat package for you. Here goes.

Friday asked what television programming should be canceled already this fall…and tomorrow is asking what I want to say to Hillary Clinton. Well.

I am not well-versed in politics, in fact I'm perilously close to being an apathetic voter. In Canada's most recent federal election I voted what I have always voted, without much real thought or effort into determining if that was in fact the right choice for me. I know very little about the working of America's government, and even less about their electoral process. I’m not up to date on trade agreements and not incredibly well-informed on pipeline proposals and politics. I’m definitely mystified as to how the results this evening will trickle into Canadian and world politics, but I suspect politics on the whole (obviously and most notably American politics) have been irrevocably changed.

I am Canadian, and I don’t have cable. These do not exempt me from having thoughts and feelings about fall television programming, but they are certainly less directed toward whatever NBC flop has come out this fall, and more directed toward the insanity of this year’s election cycle in the States. Cancel that. Cancel the hateful and frightening diatribe Trump spits out every time he opens his mouth in an advert or speech. Shut down Hillary’s responses turning Trump’s words in favour of her and repeatedly pointing out his short-comings as a presidential candidate. Taking the high road, in my mind, is more about addressing the actual issues and laying out a solid plan for how to take your nation forward, not giving your opponent even more face time. It should all be stopped.

Impossible, I know. The show must go on. The spectacle of everything, and the amount of people devouring every last lick of absurdity, is amazing in the worst possible way. But I suppose, how can we not pay attention? This is the culmination of so much turmoil, unrest, and division. Is it a surprise that a man has managed to bully, lie, bigot and belittle his way to where he is now? Is it really a shock that a historical moment such as a woman running for president should be undermined so persistently?

Does this all feel a little too much like a bad reality television show to anyone else? I’d dearly love to change the channel, but even without cable I can watch the world shifting.


P.S. - This is a song by one of my most favourite of Canadian bands, Wintersleep. It seems appropriate right about now.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Best Policy

Ok this whole writing every day thing is fucking hard, and it’s only day three. Maybe I’m not supposed to feel like this on only the third day, maybe I shouldn’t be sitting here staring at my laptop for 20 minutes and wondering exactly how to frame this post. There the question is and I’m not quite sure how to run with it…

…If you could be completely honest with no regrets, what would you say and to whom?

This could open an honesty shit storm of epic proportions. I’m excited to see not only what other people come up with, but also what spews forth onto my currently empty-ish page. What I’m realizing about my writing process is that I could have an entire post banged out ahead of time, and then sit down to edit, and end up re-writing the entire post, creating some iteration of the original. So really, as I sit here thinking about this whole question of honesty, I have no clue what’s coming next.

I could be brutally honest with several people, mostly unsuspecting figures from my past. I could tell a few people how much their own dishonesty hurt me. There’s a few people whose honesty with me was painful, but cathartic in its own stinging way. There are feelings rumbling in my heart that will eventually need to make their way out of my mouth (or, alternatively, through my fingers and onto the page), but I’m not ready for anyone else to know them, yet.

So today, at this very moment, I’m choosing to be honest with myself.

First off, April, you’ve had some shit judgment when it’s come to members of the opposite sex (as clearly demonstrated in many previous posts). I know you know this, but take a second to realize that even some of the most unfortunate situations you’ve found yourself in have also had a slight tinge of April’s bullshit in them. This is not meant to make you feel bad, quite the contrary. It’s meant for you to realize that for something to genuinely work, you have to stop thinking you’re not worth it. You are fucking worth it. (Thankfully you’ve happened upon someone who shares that sentiment - don’t fuck it up.)

Secondly, you actually can write something EVERY DAY. You have ideas coursing through that brain of yours on the regular, and while not every post is going to be literary gold, you might be surprised with what comes out. Stop being your own worst enemy (your mom has always been right in this matter) and start letting your creative side flourish; the results may be exciting and astonishing.

April (this is an important one) do NOT go and buy those beautiful but completely unneeded boots tomorrow when you get paid. Yes, there really is never a question of need when it comes to shoes. But you’re fucking horrible with money. Really. This is not a strong suit for you, and it certainly won’t get better if you drop $300 on those babies. Wait for a sale. Or realize that your priority right now should be the idea of first/last month’s rent for new digs in the big city. You know for a fact that moving closer to the mountains means snowboarding expenses increase exponentially, what if that pair of boots in your closet actually stops you from hitting the mountains for a weekend!? Unforgivable. Time to grow up and gain some financial responsibility. (Seriously, this is fucking important to wrap your head around, don’t just slyly think you’ll sneak those bad boys into the closet without me noticing…I’ll notice, and I’ll bring the buyer’s remorse down haaaaard.)

And lastly, but certainly not the least…you are allowed to feel afraid right now. There is some big change heading your way; change you have sought out and pursued. You’re moving six hours away from the majority of your support network. You’re leaving the place you’ve called home for 34 years. 34 years! That’s a long time! In my humble opinion (speaking from your common sense, that is) you’re allowed to be nervous, anxious, excited, and cautious. You are not (no matter how many times your mom kind of jokingly says it) abandoning those people who are the core of your people. You will still be there for them, and they for you, albeit usually in an online form. And if much of this change is (at the heart of it, literally) for a man - that’s ok. Especially if it’s a bonafide genuine, handsome, kind-hearted man. That’s definitely ok.

Thanks, self.


P.S. - The lovely David Gray came floating through the speakers at the coffee shop I've holed up in to write this post, and something about the melody drifting through the many conversations being had created a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling for me. So, cheers :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

And on the second day...

Vulnerable - (adjective) capable or susceptible of being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon; open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc.

Vulnerability is not today’s prompt, but it occurs to me…the subject of today’s prompt, bravery, is inextricably linked with vulnerability. When was the last time you did something brave? What happened?

Is it terrible if I can’t remember the last time I did something I would categorize as brave? My fuzzy memory may be due to a lingering cold medicine hangover; or another late night listening to Mr. Upstairs Neighbour trudge around noisily until midnight (just when I gather the courage to go up and give him a piece of my mind, you know, be brave; he quiets down). Or is it because my personal feelings of bravery don’t have much to do with heroic acts (i.e. the super-duper cliché act of saving someone from a burning building) one usually associates with being brave?

In elementary school I was teased a lot, and one day the ringleader of the girls called me a loser. I responded by telling her that just because she was a bitch, it didn’t necessarily follow that I was a loser (stooping to her level of name-calling may not have been the right way to handle things, but she was being a bitch and I call it as I see it). That may have been one of the first times I remember doing something brave. I stood up to her and in the process lay myself open to so much immaturity - more name calling, exclusion, and schoolyard antics. Yet I found myself with a smaller circle of friends who decided to stray from the bitchiness and said bitch didn't much bother with me after that.

Years ago, while traveling in Africa, I called my parents to let them know I changed my flight and would be coming home a week later than my original return date…because I had met a guy (one day I'll give that story the words it deserves and share it with you, it was surreal and kind of amazing). Big ups to my parents for having a calm, rational conversation with me. I’m quite certain when their 25 year old daughter (who had never before left Canada) called to say she would be spending a little better than a week with a 30 year old winemaker from South Africa, they wanted to lose it (and probably hop on a plane to drag me back to Canada on schedule). Just a wee bit of bravery on both fronts there - my very lovely parents who bravely trusted I wasn’t putting myself in the hands of a serial killer, and I made a choice in the name of love. The search for love takes a fuck-ton of bravery to open oneself up to. Genuinely opening yourself up to someone - laying your true self bare - is fucking scary. It takes all kinds of bravery and courage to love.

I once threw myself off a bridge, bungeeing 216 metres into a gorge on the coast of South Africa, all in the name of conquering my fear of heights and spiting the asshole ex-boyfriend who swore I would never go through with it. (I may have sent him a picture of me jumping in an email with the simple subject of “And you said I could never do it.”) Choosing to face one of your greatest fears, all the while leaving yourself open to the possibility that the fear might conquer you instead? Brave.

I’ve spent a lot of time afraid of vulnerability. In relationships, with friends, and definitely when it comes to putting my thoughts to paper and letting anyone (and everyone) read them. But as I’ve sat here and fired off this post, I’ve realize the times I’ve let myself be vulnerable and open are the times when bravery and courage have risen up. And not once have there been negative consequences.



P.S. - On rotation today (and on repeat a few times) is this little diddy, enjoy.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

On the First Day...

I keep saying I’m going to write more. I’ve threatened you with notions of more blog posts, more musings from the mysterious mind of April. Just, more.

And then life kicks in and I find every excuse to avoid sitting my ass down and writing. There’s cleaning to do, books to rearrange, wine to drink, friends to visit, Netflix to watch, and a million other things to do rather than bear my soul to the blogosphere. Today, however, I’m challenging myself.

I was surfing through Twitter this afternoon whilst taking a bubble bath (or was I pooping…? I can’t remember now, either way I was in the bathroom…a bubble bath sounds more lady-like so let’s go with that), and I saw the kick in the ass I’ve been waiting for when it comes to writing. A month-long blogging challenge to post every single day in November. Thank you, BlogHer.

Now, given my not-so-regular work schedule and propensity for procrastination, this challenge may not go so well. In fact, I’m sitting here fighting the urge to watch the latest episode of This Is Us (a must-see if you are a suck like me; it pulls at every possible heart string, making you feel all the feels - perfect for a Tuesday night couch sesh - click the title to peep the trailer and try not to cry), and am being pulled into (read: actively pursuing) text convos about everything from changing my wireless provider to how a friend should overcome nervousness about sleeping with someone new for the first time (sometimes getting iMessages on your laptop is not so handy…but these are clearly crucial convos). The chances of me being able to pull off a post on the daily feels a little slim at the moment, but I’m going to give it a go.

So here we go, day one. Thank fuck the wonderful people at BlogHer are providing daily prompts, because I’m not sure what kind of content you would get otherwise (more Wayne's World gifs anyone?). I’m entirely unprepared for this little writing journey, so I plan on taking full advantage of said prompts. Today’s was a question directed towards self-care on a “bad mental health day.”

I drink a glass of wine and vent, to person or paper (whichever is most readily available).

That was easy. 

Post done? (The part of me dying to watch that episode has just realized it won’t be on my iTunes until tomorrow…so no, post not done. And I already cleaned my teeny tiny apartment with my second wind this afternoon. So pervasive is my boredom and procrastination, I actually rolled the coins from my piggybank too. Le sigh.)

I’ve spent the last six days chained to the couch with a cold that’s grown nastier and snottier by the hour. Thankfully, it relented late this afternoon and I can now breathe through my nose, hurray! Taking care of myself has been my main focus. How can I make myself feel better? What will get rid of this cold? What remedy, drug, or trick will finally work and break this constant bag-of-shit feeling?

Well, let me tell you. Having your upstairs neighbour stomp around at 4 am like he’s crushing a spider with each footstep does not cure a cold. Neither does his loud, seemingly raunchy sex. Nor does chocolate or ice cream (I was convinced on Friday night these would be the answer; despite their deliciousness I felt only a brief sugar high). Sweating it out in a scorching bubble bath drinking tea laced with bourbon (my usual go-to) only served to make me feel shittier the next morning. FaceTime-ing with my boyfriend buoyed my spirits, but sadly did nothing to clear my fucking sinuses. Exhausting my Netflix options to the point where I’m forced (not really, but once I started I couldn’t stop) to watch the vacuous Scream Queens only served to highlight my utter boredom and desire to feel better. I made a Pinterest tea recipe containing ginger, turmeric, and lemon. It seemed better suited to a colonic cleanse than clearing a sinus infection.

While none of these pursuits is directly related to my cold abating, I did realize one crucial thing. Taking care of oneself is of paramount importance. I’ve spent a few of months now with a crazy-hectic schedule. If I’m not working, I’m picking up overtime or squeezing in face time with my family and friends between trips to see my main squeeze in Calgary. I’ve been busy devouring every second with him and at the same time, soaking up as much home time as possible because soon enough the Paris of the Prairies won’t be “home” anymore. It’s exhausting, in the most wonderful of ways.

While I despise looking like Rudolph (lotion-infused tissues my ass), furiously popping cold meds, and living on soup and tea, the last six days have forced me to slow down. Well, to stop actually. I’ve been cozily bundled on my couch and come to realize how much I love my small space, and the memories it contains. My mind had an abundant number of uninterrupted minutes to chew on things as I’ve stared vacantly at the television. Long-distance relationships, no matter how incredibly frustrating and annoying, have their own kind of beauty. Change is not something I handle easily, but it is something I’m so ready for. I should likely do something with the pile of nursing texts propping up my stereo speaker, no one is going to want to deal with that box on moving day…

…I’m killing my hydrangea. Fuck.

Sometimes taking care of yourself can be as simple as spending some time with yourself. Pearls of wisdom from a recovering Advil Cold and Sinus addict…

Until tomorrow!


P.S. - A disclaimer. I cannot be held accountable for however crappy these daily posts may be. If they're brilliant and you love them, I take full responsibility and humbly thank you. (Honestly, still waiting for a universal sarcasm font...and a bacon emoji. Someone get on that please.)