Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Day Four/Six/Five?

You might have noticed me lagging behind (already) on this daily blogging challenge. I got lazy this past weekend working night shifts and opted to spend more time taking in old episodes of The Office on Netflix than writing. Coupled with my utter lack of motivation to write was the realization that I had the choice of whether or not I write a post on Saturdays and/or Sundays. A divine recipe of procrastination for April.

Technically I owe you three posts. One for Friday, yesterday, and one for today. I suspect if I was truly dedicated to daily blogging, I would also be lacking in providing reading material for Saturday and Sunday. This would mean I should have battled through the post-night shift tired drunk feeling I get to offer up such literary delights as “Celelry is a Useless Vegetable” and “How to Avoid Inciting Road Rage in Night Shift Workers” (mostly, get the fuck out of my way if I’m driving home after a night shift). You can see why I’ve shied away from posting the past few days.

I do not have time for even three posts today, with a multitude of reasons/excuses as to why. At the moment, my mind is racing to combine the prompts for these three days into one concise post that will wow you with my wordsmithing capabilities. How does one roll fall television programming, Thanksgiving food fails, and revamping one moment in my life to ensure a better outcome in the future into one fabulous post?

One does not. One cheats a little, and says fuck it to the Thanksgiving food fail - because I have never made Thanksgiving dinner and thus far my culinary luck has been strong when it’s come to cooking dinner for my family for the past couple of years - I’ve hit it out of the park. I’m skipping that one, delaying the post about what moment in my life I wish I could go back and change (until tomorrow), and bundling up Friday and tomorrow’s prompts in one neat package for you. Here goes.

Friday asked what television programming should be canceled already this fall…and tomorrow is asking what I want to say to Hillary Clinton. Well.

I am not well-versed in politics, in fact I'm perilously close to being an apathetic voter. In Canada's most recent federal election I voted what I have always voted, without much real thought or effort into determining if that was in fact the right choice for me. I know very little about the working of America's government, and even less about their electoral process. I’m not up to date on trade agreements and not incredibly well-informed on pipeline proposals and politics. I’m definitely mystified as to how the results this evening will trickle into Canadian and world politics, but I suspect politics on the whole (obviously and most notably American politics) have been irrevocably changed.

I am Canadian, and I don’t have cable. These do not exempt me from having thoughts and feelings about fall television programming, but they are certainly less directed toward whatever NBC flop has come out this fall, and more directed toward the insanity of this year’s election cycle in the States. Cancel that. Cancel the hateful and frightening diatribe Trump spits out every time he opens his mouth in an advert or speech. Shut down Hillary’s responses turning Trump’s words in favour of her and repeatedly pointing out his short-comings as a presidential candidate. Taking the high road, in my mind, is more about addressing the actual issues and laying out a solid plan for how to take your nation forward, not giving your opponent even more face time. It should all be stopped.

Impossible, I know. The show must go on. The spectacle of everything, and the amount of people devouring every last lick of absurdity, is amazing in the worst possible way. But I suppose, how can we not pay attention? This is the culmination of so much turmoil, unrest, and division. Is it a surprise that a man has managed to bully, lie, bigot and belittle his way to where he is now? Is it really a shock that a historical moment such as a woman running for president should be undermined so persistently?

Does this all feel a little too much like a bad reality television show to anyone else? I’d dearly love to change the channel, but even without cable I can watch the world shifting.


P.S. - This is a song by one of my most favourite of Canadian bands, Wintersleep. It seems appropriate right about now.

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